Spray Nozzles of RELAB

Main Types of RELAB Nozzles:

1.Flat Fan Spray Nozzles:

Veet Jet Spray Nozzle,Deflected Jet Spray Nozzle,Flood Jet Spray Nozzle,single-side Jet Spray Nozzle,United Jet Flat Fan Spray Nozzle,Self-cleaning Nozzle

2.Full Cone Spray Nozzles:

Full Cone Spray Nozzles,Ellipse Full Cone Spray Nozzles,Square Full Cone Spray Nozzle,United Jet Full Cone Spray Nozzle

3.Hollow Cone Spray Nozzles:

In-line/axial Hollow Cone Spray Nozzle,Tangential/Right-angle Jet Spray Nozzle,Whirl Jet Spray Nozzle,Offset Jet Spray Nozzle,High Flow-rate Hollow Cone Spray Nozzle

4.Spiral Jet Spray Nozzles:

Spiral Full Cone Spray Nozzle,Spiral Hollow Cone Spray Nozzle,Silicon Carbide Spiral Nozzle

5.Air Atomizing Nozzles:

Round Jet Air Atomizing Nozzle,Wide Round Jet Air Atomizing Nozzle,Flat Fan Air Atomizing Nozzle

6.Other Spray Nozzles:

Fine Fogging Nozzles,Wind jet Nozzle,air Shower Nozzle,Quick Dismantling Nozzle,PVDF Nozzle,Tank Washing Nozzle,Clip Eyelet Nozzle,Mixing Nozzle

Optional Materials:

  • A) Brass
  • B) PVDF
  • C) SUS/AISI316/304/303 stainless steel
  • D) Silicon carbide
  • E) Plastic and Rubber

    Industry Applications:

    • A) Cooling
    • B) Cleaning& Washing
    • C) Humidifying
    • D) Environmental protection
    • E) Dust-removing (dedusting)
    • F) Air cleaning and Spray