Quick Disassembly Nozzle

Quick Disassembly Nozzle
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 1/4 or 1/8 male

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Quick Disassembly Nozzle

Rapid Replacement of Spray Tips:
The original, scientific quick dismantling design makes it possible for rapid and effortless separation of nozzle body and nozzle tip. Spray tip removal is done by hand-no need for fools. All it takes is a quick quarter turn of the wrist to changed tips.

Chemical Resistance & Abrasion Resistance:
Constructed of high intensity, abrasion resistant and chemical resistant fiber-glass-reinforced polypropylene (40%fiber), or PVDF, these nozzles are ideal choice for washing, rinsing and cleaning of phosphate agents, acids, solvent etc. Fiber-glass-reinforced polypropylene (25%fiber), withstands maximum temperature of 82 degree, carton fiber-glass-reinforced polypropylene (40%fiber) withstand maximum temperature of 120degree and PVDF withstands maximum temperature of 148 degree.

Self-alignment of Nozzle Tip:
The nozzle features a self-ramping feature for quick turn-to-look installation, a machined stop for accurate spray alignment, and a seal that remains attached to the spray tip to prevent accidental loss.

Wide Range of Flow Rates:
Inlet connection sizes are available in 1/8", 1/4" and 3/8". An O-ring butadiene nitrile rubber gasket airproofs the nozzle body and the nozzle tip. Sprat tips are available in flat fan spray tip, solid cone spray tip and hollow cone spray tip and provides flat fan spray pattern, solid cone spray pattern and hollow cone spray pattern respectively with wide range of flow rates and spray angles.

Nozzle Features:
1) Size: 1/8", 1/4", 3/8" inlet connection sizes
2) Material: fiber-glass-reinforced PP (25% fiber), carbon fiber-glass-reinforced
PP (40% fiber), or PVDF
3) Applications in PCB manufacturing, product washing and rinsing, cooling,
moistening, chemical manufacturing, and dust control
4) The spray tips allows for quick-connect 1/4 turn installation and replacement
5) Self-ramping for quick turn-to-lock installation
6) A machined stop for accurate spray alignment
7) Withstands temperature up to 82 oC, 120 oC and 148 oC respectively
8) Resist abrasion and corrosion
9) With O-ring seal ensuring complete sealing
10) QC, QB, QA spray tip produce flat fan, solid cone and hollow cone spray pattern

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