How to pay

Before you decide to order our product, our representatives can discuss the order details with you, then let you know the product details as follow:

1. Product Specification
2. Unit Price
3. Delivery Time
4. Payment Term
5. Delivery Method

Acceptable Term of payment:

1. TT/wire payment-bigger value
2. Paypal-smaller value
3. Western Union and Money Gram

Please inquire us about the details in advance.

For bank transfer, it may take 3-5 working days to our account.

Before you arrange the payment, please check our detailed bank account carefully. Once you made a mistake, the delivery time will be delayed.

If we still don't receive your payment within 7 days,  you may write an incorrect bank information, so please compare with our bank details, if possible, you need your local bank to send a changing information to revise that.

If the incorrect information is not revised within 15 days, the payments will be returned back.